Why you put a lime in your corona – and what it says about you.


The UK has fallen victim to American marketing once again. There are many theories and discussions online which always end up with the typical smart ass that says something like “errrm I don’t drink Corona ‘cause I don’t like drinking piss”. Meanwhile, you always catch this guy at the party holding a Desperados… Looooser.

By now you should know that the lime is not to keep away the flies.



  • If you think it’s because the clear bottle reflecting the UV light causes a skunky smell, then you are a beer nerd and you are better off drinking IPAs and growing moobs. You’re also wrong as well.


  • If you think it is to disinfect the nozzle then you are gross. Because if you think lime kills bacteria in the 2 seconds between rubbing the bottle top and you drinking it, then you are not taking the most efficient of showers.


  • If you think it is to add flavour then please show me all this popular lime-flavoured beer cause I’ve never seen any.




We put a lime in the Corona because we are all sexual perverts.


7 reasons why putting a lime in your corona is like anal:

  1. It hurts. Mexicans’ feelings get hurt when you defile their number 1 drink.
  2. You don’t know if it’s clean. Who knows who cut those limes or how long they’ve been out in the open.
  3. There’s no real reason to do it – The conventional way is just as good, don’t make it awkward.
  4. It doesn’t always fit – Yet you force it beyond the rules of physics.
  5. It’s messier – Most cases you end up with a sticky hole and wiping is needed.
  6. You can’t go back – Once you’re down that road you have to finish that way.
  7. You miss it – If you are used to it you will miss when it is not offered to you 🙁


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